Ladies, it’s natural to feel nervous before your first sensual massage but be assured you are in great hands. My aim is to relax you thoroughly, helping you forget the worries of your busy life.

HER MASSAGE is all about sending your senses reeling. It is about your body feeling excited and alive. Its all about her!

I perform a combination of breathing techniques, therapeutic massage techniques are blended and applied with professionalism and love to take you through your ultimate sensual journey.

We start with you lying on your front, we synchronize our breathing as the first step to take you through your sensual journey.

My massage starts with long, slow, gliding  strokes over every inch of your body, relaxing your muscles.


I then spend special attention to your erogenous zones, your breasts, nipples, bottocks and inner thighs as your sensual energy builds I then approach your Yoni.


Now you can choose whether to continue with a full Yoni massage which includes stimulating play with the labia, clitoris play and finger penetration or just simply relax in a calm, relaxed environment.